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  • War : Snipezz21
  • Diplomacy : Snipezz21
  • Membership : Snipezz21



1 Do what your R4+ asks of you.

2 Ask for coords before moving to hive.

3 Ask for what you need, the guild can only help you if you ask.

 When you need RSS, specify how much you need.
 When someone asks for RSS, give what you can ; it will come back many times over.

4 Be a Poor Target

 Shelter your Leader at all times
 Spend and and otherwise keep your RSS low or your shield high, or send them to someone with a shield up.
 Antiscout keeps the Riff-Raff away.

5 Help the Guild

 Participate in Guildfest (minimum average 90+ points per quest).
 Participate in Guild Showdown.
 Participate in KvK (minimum first tier of personal challenge).
 Concentrate fire with other members on Monster Hunts.




  • Hard Perimeter : Continuous perimeter formed by members of a single

guild where members are as close to each other as they can be, minimum 20 castles, exceptions must be agreed upon.

  • Zone of Control (ZoC) : the area 4 tiles distance from a guild's Hard Perimeter.
  • Active Hunt : Continous hunting of a single monster with a maximum

interruption of 1 minute (if you cannot kill it, don't hit it).


  1. EVERYTHING within each guild's ZoC belongs to that guild and shall NOT be taken by the other guild.
  2. Active Hunts shall be respected and left alone by the other guild. This does NOT apply to special monsters OUTSIDE a guild's ZoC.
  3. Tiles being occupied outside a ZoC shall be respected and left alone.
  4. If a member of a guild breaks this agreement, an R4+ from each guild will try to find with the other guild a reasonable way to make repairs

in order to preserve this agreement

  1. For [GLD], the player to contact is [GLD PLAYER].
  2. For H$F, any R4+ may be contacted.