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Primary Roles

New Members

Gaurd 2000, Twist3dAngel


(who wants to be responsible for general review of activity kicking ?)

Rule #1 is respect your guild mates. You will be kicked if you are rude to people.

You must notify an R4 if you are going to be away more than 3 days.

Minimum participation in events as follows :

  • Guild Fest : 50 points per available number of Quests
  • KvK : Tier 1 of Personal Challenge
  • Guild Bash : Must Register

Other Reasons for Getting Kicked

  • Feeding attackers too often by having your hero captured or holding too many RSS


Kushed, "Ice" icrs

Helpful Texts and References

e.g. for copy pasting into messages

Deny Membership Application

Hi ,
Please read our requirements.
See also : F2P Guide to 10M might in Under 60 Days

Potential Member Filtering

The idea being that if they cannot bother answering a few questions, or if their answers are a concern, then we likely do not want to accept them into the Guild.

1. What guild are you coming from ?
2. Have you read our guild requirements ?
3. You are low on our might requirement.  Are you at Castle Level 17 yet ?  If not, are you willing to rush C17 (and Tier 3 troops) ?
4. Are you prepared to always have a Kingdom Migration Scroll ready ?
5. If we accept you, are you ready to move to our hive (at the coordinates we give you) ?

Previous Public Guild Blurbs

Allies - K155: UG., A-o, d&b, HIV and H!V, MaD, SPY, 600  -  K178: A&K RxD K0Z a&k e4e trc bkd b+c, subguilds+family
New Members : 20M might
                                         N1 rule: Respect each other.
Listen r4+ and in battle, to rally captains/war generals. Be smart. Protect your leader/troops/rss.
Need any help ? Just ask. 
Guild Fest is mandatory.                   3 day inactivity w/o notice =kick